Sustainable value chains

Collaborating with industry platforms to drive sustainable sourcing alignment, transparency and traceability.

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What we do

For value chains to be flexible and resilient and deliver benefits to all parties, they need to be transparent and accessible, with easy to understand requirements that do not overburden MSMEs.

Why we do it

Global value chains are restructuring in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis, with a new focus on shortening and diversifying value chains to minimize the risk of disruptions.

How we do it

We drive convergence of sustainability standards and provide information and tools to increase value chain transparency and traceability.

Sectors of activity

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Promoting farming in sustainable ways, which means meeting society’s present food and textile needs, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs.
Examples of projects:
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Fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.

Examples of projects
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Other sectors

Expanding our reach across other sectors which include natural ingredients, fisheries, forestry, tourism and mining among others.

Examples of projects

Our Solutions

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Standards Map:
Your roadmap to sustainable trade

A free tool to find transparent information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more.

Sustainability Map:
Empowering sustainability actors

A free online gateway that enables businesses to promote their sustainable practices, increase their business opportunities and promote the transparency of international supply chains.

Selected projects

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EU City Award

Showcase how EU cities set an example by having a global impact on sustainable, fair and ethical trade through local efforts.

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