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Free global market intelligence platform to help MSMEs understand which sustainability standards apply to their context, provide transparency on related costs, implementation and compliance to requirements.

Standards Map: making trade better, for everyone

A free tool to find transparent information and discover trends on standards for 
environmental protection, labor rights, business ethics and more.
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Learn about 260 standards with a sustainability focus

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Identify standards by product, sector, geographical area or sustainability focus

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Explore and compare standards

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Evaluate the market trends

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Connect with sustainable enterprises

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Assess your business online for sustainability readiness

Improve your business sustainability

Sustainability Map

Connect with over 60’000 businesses, support organization and practitioners along sustainable value chains.

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Get to know handpicked actors and partners in sustainability

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Identify sustainable and credible suppliers

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Increase your business opportunities with companies committed to sustainability

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Access validated and trustworthy data  

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Connect with sustainable enterprises

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Assess your business online for sustainability readiness

Connect with a sustainable community

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Take a look at our E-learning courses, publications and the upcoming International Executive Programme in collaboration with leading world universities and top companies.

SheTrades and T4SD Hubs

We deliver in-depth support to companies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean by training, coaching and mentoring them to implement sustainable business practices, such as climate resilience and resource efficiency.