Enabling MSMEs to be more competitive by adopting and implementing green production, processing and trade practices

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What we do

Providing tools, e-learnings and coaching programs at country and regional level to enable businesses to strengthen their climate resilience, to be more resource-efficient and to adopt green and more circular production and processing practices.

Why we do it

MSMEs are disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental degradation and often have to comply with complex environmental or social and labour standards to access international markets.

How we do it

Training, coaching and supporting MSMEs in partnership with local business support organizations and experts to develop new business models to implement sustainable business practices.

What we focus on

Helping MSMEs to implement environmentally sustainable business practices to increase their competitiveness and reduce adverse impact on the environment.

Organic Production
Provide clear and transparent information on organic certification schemes
Green Financing
Access to green finance, credits and financial investors looking to support MSMEs adopting green practices
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Green Innovation
Facilitates access to green technology and service providers
Climate Change & Resilience
Increase the ability of MSMEs to withstand climate related shocks
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Resource Efficiency & Circular Production
Reduce MSMEs’ resource use, waste production and overall costs therefore enabling them to access sustainable markets
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Biodiversity Friendly
Enable MSMEs that produce and trade biodiversity-based products and adhere to the Biotrade principles and criteria
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Green2Compete: ITC's new initiative to seize the opportunities of the green transition

ITC’s new and ambitious initiative with a focus on climate change, circularity and biodiversity, the initiative provides tools and approaches to stakeholders in developing countries. These cover the following trade-related areas:

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Green competitiveness

We support MSMEs to compete through environmentally friendly business practices and access to green finance

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We support innovative entrepreneurs to solve existential environmental challenges.

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Market access

We work with market partners to connect MSMEs to international value chains and  green business opportunities.

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Business environment

We work with all stakeholders in the business environment to unlock the services that MSMEs require to succeed.

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Business environment

We support policy making at the domestic, regional and multilateral levels to transform the economic system.   

T4SD Hubs for the environment

The T4SD Hubs offer solutions and tools for MSMEs to build their skills and increase their knowledge to implement sustainable business practices through face-to-face coaching programmes focusing on the key aspects of sustainability.

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Selected projects

EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award

The Award recognizes visionary EU cities which show leadership, and helps connect cities to exchange knowledge and share good practices in order to scale up cities’ efforts and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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BioTrade Knowledge Sharing & Self-Assessment Tool

Enabling BioTrade value chain actors to connect, access information and benchmark their sustainability performance.

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