ITC Roundtables on Deforestation-free Global Value Chains

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is convening four rounds of public-private consultations around “Deforestation-free Global Value Chains” in priority commodities sectors, such as soy, cocoa and coffee.

Natural ecosystems are the world’s most important safeguards to protect the environment, maintain biodiversity and support food security. Yet, the forests, savannahs, grasslands, and peatlands are being destroyed around the globe at an alarming rate, which pleads for a call for action at every level along the value chains, from policymakers to producers and businesses.

Fighting against global deforestation and forest degradation at the international level has become a worldwide priority, and the European Union is developing a new regulation on “deforestation-free” products. The International Trade Centre (ITC) is convening four rounds of private-public consultations and development of concrete plans of actions for “Deforestation-free Global Value Chains” in priority commodities sectors, such as soy, cocoa and coffee. 

The ITC Roundtables aim to bring together industry stakeholders and policymakers to achieve primarily the three following goals:

  • Determine the state of play in soy, cocoa and coffee sectors discussing the current situation with sourcing soy, coffee and cocoa into the EU market, responsible sourcing practices and volumes of sustainable products. Discussion will also focus on key challenges and difficulties of sourcing sustainable/deforestation-free soy, cocoa and coffee in compliance with the newly proposed EU regulation on deforestation-free products;
  • Unpacking methodologies and approaches to support deforestation free supply chains: an in-depth analysis and technical discussion about the existing models, technologies, their credibility parameters, and the innovative approaches explored in various sectors; in thorough review of systemic issues and gaps that have not been addressed successfully in existing initiatives;
  • Propose adjustments and implementation guidelines related to the new proposed regulation on deforestation-free products: highlighting differences and complexities in commodity sectors; discussing impacts and implications on value chain actors staring from producers to processors and retailers; suggesting changes that would reflect the current state of play and capacities in the concerned commodity sectors.

“Paving the road towards deforestation-free global value chains”

Fourth ITC Roundtable on Deforestation-free Global Value Chains

6 December 2022 – in person and online

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Building on the preceding three sessions held in March, May and June 2022, this fourth session on 6 December will focus the discussions on the identification of constructive and tangible actions towards the implementation of deforestation-free global value chains. This session will aim to develop recommendations for inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships on deforestation-free actions and policies and will include a high-level plenary panel and technical breakout sessions focusing on the following themes: Traceability, Inclusiveness and Partnerships. 

The 4th roundtable will result in greater clarity on what is expected to happen in 2023 and beyond, enhanced transparency on how shared accountability and responsibility on deforestation-free global value chains could be defined, and better understanding on practical, inclusive and effective actions that could feed into the development of implementation guidelines.

The event will be held in a hybrid format, with the possibility to attend in person in Brussels. To ensure productive discussions, participants will be engaged ahead of the event and invited to share materials such as case studies, good practices, and proposals. 

Registrations close on 2 December 2022.

Please note that participation is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by the participants. A limited number of seats is available, ITC will confirm your in-person registration.

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